Balvant K. Parekh, the founder of the Balvant Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences passed away on 25 January 2013. Though it makes us feel sad and somewhat perplexed without his visionary guidance, the Centre is committed to continuing the legacy of Balvantbhai.  

While leading a vast business empire, he also developed an alert mind interested in insightful explorations of myriad realms of knowledge, art, literature and sciences. Balvantbhai’s interest in knowledge was more humanitarian than academic.  Gamtano Kariye Gulal, a compilation of articles, poetry, stories and anecdotes from different sources and disciplines which he published for many years exemplifies his untiring and noble efforts to generously share the wealth of knowledge. Through the Centre, its activities and publications that reach several people across India , he was again trying to share the benefits of knowledge -- a truly enlightened use of capital for social good. 

A well-read man with extensive life-experiences and sensitivity, Balvantbhai was an inspiration for those who have known him and worked with him. His interest in General Semantics and human sciences was decades old and his humanely scientific temperament has helped him in many different ways.  In the true spirit of sharing, he wished us to make people aware of the methodology of general semantics and expand its scope to the understanding of the humanities and social sciences. The legacies of knowledge and virtue don’t come to an end when an individual ceases to be. Balvantbhai will continue to live in the memory of many people whose lives he has touched and transformed for good. May the good work that he initiated continue unhindered.