Alfred Korzybski’s Correspondence from Read House-File

Bruce Kodish, executor of the Alfred Korzybski Literary Estate has sent DVDs containing Alfred Korzybski’s Institute of General Semantics Correspondence from Read House-File #59. The Centre sponsored the digitization of these documents which could be useful for researchers working on Korzybski.

Dr. Kodish explains about the content and relevance of the digitized files:

These digitized files were made from the microfilms of original letters and documents in File Cabinet #59, at Read House, the Institute of General Semantics (IGS) Centre in Fort Worth , Texas 2004-2009/10.

The file compiled by Charlotte Schuchardt Read, Korzybski’s personal secretary and original literary executor, represents a great deal of material that she considered especially important, and includes some of Korzybski’s correspondence with–among others–luminaries in science, mathematics, literature, and the arts.

As the appointed executor of the Alfred Korzybski Literary Estate, I obtained the microfilms and at least some of the original documents from this file during the time when the IGS Board of Trustees was breaking up its Fort Worth office.

Now–thanks to the generous financial support of the Balvant K. Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences in Vadodara , India –we have this material in an easily available and easily viewable digital format.

American Microimaging Inc. converted each screen page of each microfilm roll into a single separate pdf (portable digital file). The resulting individual but sequentially arranged pdfs (hundreds for each microfilm roll) comprised their final product. I then further compiled the separate pdfs of each roll into one large pdf document for that roll, using Adobe Acrobat 8. Now anyone using Adobe Reader can view these documents in a similar way to someone looking at the original microfilms, but with much greater ease. No microfilm reader needed.

For anyone interested in Alfred Korzybski’s life and work this material will provide many fascinating items for reading and research.